Photo Credit: Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman

With more than 40 bushwalking tracks crossing through Wellington Park, you’ll experience a variety of landscapes from shaded fern gullies to dry woodlands and rocky outcrops with expansive views looking out over Hobart and Southern Tasmania.


  • Stay safe on the mountain. kunanyi/Mt Wellington is a beloved natural playground for the people of Hobart and the many visitors who descend on Wellington Park every year. If you’re not prepared the weather conditions can be dangerous.
  • Choose a walk to suit your level of bushwalking experience, the weather conditions and time available. Familiarise yourself with the route beforehand and let someone know your intentions and expected time of return. Find detailed track information at Greater Hobart Trails and Wellington Park Management Trust.
  • Take a map with you. Most walking tracks are well marked, however, some routes may require navigation skills, especially during poor visibility.
  • Weather conditions can change quickly on kunanyi/Mt Wellington. Cold temperatures, snow, low cloud, heavy rain and high winds are not uncommon, even in summer. Check the weather before you go.
  • Take the correct equipment for your walk. Refer to Group A, B or C as indicated in the  tables below.
  • Some of the tracks in Wellington Park are shared with dog walkers and/or bike riders. Please respect each other, the track and the park. View the Track Users Code.
  • Minimise your impact on the natural environment . Your actions today affect Wellington Park tomorrow.


You’ll find a wide range of bushwalking tracks to explore, suitable for all ages and abilities and conveniently located near kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus stops. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Wellington Park bushwalks. 

EASY: Unlikely to cause difficulties for inexperienced walkers e.g. no steep grades requiring climbing.

MODERATE:  Some sections may be demanding for people with impaired fitness, experience or without appropriate walking equipment e.g. some climbing, but not overly steep or sustained.


DestinationDeparture PointViaTimeGroupLevelDescription
Zig Zag Viewing PointPinnacle carparkZig Zag Track20 minutes returnBEasyHigh altitude environment and sweeping views over Hobart.
Fern GladeFern Glade carparkFern Glade Track30 minutes returnAEasyShady tree fern gullies and moss-covered rocks in bubbling streams.
Silver FallsFern Tree ParkPipeline Track & Silver Falls Track40 minutes returnAEasyBeautiful cool area shaded by tree ferns and historic waterfall.
Sphinx RockThe SpringsLenah Valley Track45 minutes returnAEasyEasy and level access to great views of Hobart and the eastern shore.


DestinationDeparture PointViaTimeGroupLevelDescription
Milles Track Viewing PointThe SpringsMilles Track1 hour returnAModerateLevel walk through shrubby vegetation with extended views over channel region.
The SpringsFern TreeFern Glade Track & Radfords Track1 hour 30 minutes returnBModerateA fern tree gully, rising through drier eucalypt forest, with bubbling streams.
Sphinx Rock CircuitThe SpringsLenah Valley Track, Sawmill Track, Shoobridge Track & North-South Track1 hour 15 minutes returnBModerateGreat family walk, with short steep section, but rewarding with great views and a visit to the Octopus Tree.


DestinationDeparture PointViaTimeGroupLevelDescription
NeikaFern Tree ParkPipeline Track3 hours returnBEasyPremier level walking or bicycling track along historic water supply system. Look out for Fern Tree Bower, Wishing Well and Twin Bridges.
Organ Pipes WalkThe SpringsLenah Valley Track, Hunters Track, Organ Pipes Track & Pinnacle Track4 hours circuitBModerateA range of views and experiences, with some challenging sections of uneven, rocky ground. Includes Sphinx Rock walk.
The PinnacleThe SpringsPinnacle Track & Zig Zag Track4 hours returnCModerateSteep and rocky track with great views of Organ Pipes, Hobart, River Derwent & East Coast.

Visit the Wellington Park Management Trust website for further information.